RV and Boat Storage in Vancouver WA – Coming Soon

JC | August 16, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Coming soon, a new RV and boat storage in Vancouver, WA. Our facility will be located between Vancouver and Ridgefield, near the Clark County Fairgrounds.

Americans are enjoying the outdoors and their outdoor toys more than ever before. However, finding affordable storage for RVs and boats is becoming more and more difficult. That’s why RV Storage Vancouver is looking to develop a 3-acre RV and boat storage facility in Ridgefield, WA, just north of the Portland/Vancouver area.

Our aim is to provide our customers with affordable, convenient, and secure RV and boat storage.

Affordable Convenient and Secure RV Storage

Affordable RV and Boat Storage

A large number of RV and boat storage facilities in Clark County offer primarily covered or enclosed RV and boat storage. Although covered and enclosed storage is great, it is very expensive and it isn’t for everyone.

The best way to make storage affordable is to develop a cost efficient facility. With this in mind, our plan is to develop a facility large enough to be able to offer competitive rates. But, the real key to offering competitive rates is to offer open storage and to utilize fully automated in and out access.

Open Storage Means Affordable Storage

The main advantage of open storage is affordability. Developing an open storage facility requires much less capital than developing covered and/or enclosed storage. And for this reason, we are able to offer very competitive rates.

Before we move on, please consider what kind of storage RV dealers use at their facilities. That’s right, they use open storage on brand new RVs!

Fully Automated Access

Another large expense associated with RV and boat storage facilities is the cost of operating these facilities. These costs include things like taxes, insurance, maintenance, labor costs, etc. With today’s technology, self-storage facilities are becoming more and more automated. This means less labor is needed for the day to day operations, which means lower operating costs. All of which helps us offer affordable storage.

Our goal is to adopt the latest in automation technology from the self-storage business and apply it to RV Storage Vancouver.

A Superb Location Means Convenient Storage

When it comes to RV and boat storage, one of the most important things to users is convenient access and use. No one wants to be stuck in stop and go traffic to either pick up or return their RV or boat. This is why we selected a superb location for our facility.

RV Storage Vancouver will be located along I-5, with fast and easy access to the freeway. Not only that, our facility will be located just North of where I-5 and I-205 merger, near the Clark County Fairgrounds. This means that if you can get to I-5 or 205 within a reasonable amount of time, you can get to our facility fairly quickly, even if you live in Portland, Oregon.

For those of you traveling to Lake Mervin, Mt St Helens, the Ilani casino, or any other recreational areas North of Vancouver, picking up your RV or boat from our facility on your way to vacationing will be a breeze.

And let’s not forget the convenience of having automated access in/and out of the facility. But, convenience is about a lot more than an automated gate. Convenience also means being able to reserve your spot online, pay your bill online, etc.

Secure RV and Boat Storage

We understand that RV and boat owners want a safe and secure place to store their hard earned possessions. For this reason, one area where we won’t cut costs in is security. RV Storage Vancouver will be outfitted with the latest in security technology, including security monitoring systems, motion systems, lighting, etc. And of course, we intend to protect the entire facility with the best security fencing available.

Ultimately, we want you to be assured that your RV and/or boat is safely stored 24/7.

Reserving RV and Boat Storage Spaces

Although we aren't open yet, you can get on our waitlist. As we get closer we'll update our opening date, but as of now we are planning on opening our facility on September 19th of 2023.