Free RV Dump Stations: A Complete Guide to Vancouver, WA and Washington State

JC | April 26, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

When embarking on an RV adventure, finding reliable and convenient resources like free RV dump stations is essential for a smooth journey. Fortunately, Washington State offers numerous free RV dump stations, conveniently located at major rest areas and other key spots. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the availability of free RV dump stations in Vancouver, WA, and throughout Washington State, offering valuable insights to enhance your travel experience.

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Free RV Dump Stations in Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, WA, offers free RV dump stations, catering to the needs of travelers passing through. Here are two convenient locations:

·        Gee Creek - I-5 northbound (MP 11, 9.7 miles north of Vancouver)

·        Gee Creek - I-5 southbound (MP 12, 8.1 miles south of Woodland)

Free RV Dump Stations in Washington State

Beyond Vancouver, WA, Washington State is dotted with free RV dump stations, ensuring convenience for travelers statewide. Here are key locations to note:

·        Scatter Creek - I-5 northbound (MP 90, 8.8 miles north of Centralia)

·        Smokey Point - I-5 southbound (MP 207, 19.5 miles south of Mt. Vernon)

·        Gee Creek - I-5 northbound (MP 11, 9.7 miles north of Vancouver)

·        Gee Creek - I-5 southbound (MP 12, 8.1 miles south of Woodland)

·        SeaTac - I-5 northbound (MP 140, 7.2 miles north of Tacoma)

·        Silver Lake - I-5 southbound (MP 188, 5.9 miles south of Everett)

·        Smokey Point - I-5 northbound (MP 207, 8.2 miles north of Marysville)

·        Prosser - I-82 multidirectional (MP 80, 46.9 miles east of Yakima)

·        Selah Creek - I-82 eastbound (MP 24, 25.2 miles east of Ellensburg)

·        Selah Creek - I-82 westbound (MP 22, 27.7 miles west of Yakima)

·        Winchester - I-90 eastbound (MP 161, 24.6 miles east of Vantage)

·        Schrag - I-90 eastbound (MP 198, 22.8 miles west of Ritzville)

·        Sprague Lake - I-90 eastbound (MP 241, 20.3 miles east of Ritzville)

·        Winchester - I-90 westbound (MP 161, 14.5 miles west of Moses Lake)

·        Schrag - I-90 westbound (MP 198, 22.8 miles west of Ritzville)

·        Sprague Lake - I-90 westbound (MP 242, 38.7 miles west of Spokane)

·        Indian John Hill - I-90 eastbound (MP 89, 4.9 miles east of Cle Elum)

·        Elma - SR 8 eastbound (MP 2, 2.3 miles east of Elma)

·        Vernita - SR 24 multidirectional (MP 43, 14.6 miles south of Mattawa)

Tips for Utilizing Free RV Dump Stations

Effective utilization of free RV dump stations contributes to a seamless travel experience. Here are some tips to maximize their use:

1. Plan Ahead: Research nearby free RV dump stations before your trip to incorporate them into your route.

2. Proper Etiquette: Adhere to posted rules and guidelines and be considerate of fellow users at free RV dump stations.

3. Maintain Cleanliness: Leave the dump station area clean for the next user, promoting a positive experience for all.

4. Exercise Patience: During peak travel periods, free RV dump stations may experience higher traffic volumes, so be prepared for potential wait times.


Free RV dump stations serve as invaluable resources for RV travelers, offering a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for waste disposal. Whether you're exploring the sights of Vancouver, WA, or venturing across the diverse landscapes of Washington State, knowing where to locate these facilities can significantly enhance your travel experience.