Boosting RV Storage Security With Drone Video Surveillance Systems

JC | August 18, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Drone video surveillance systems can significantly boost the security of an RV storage facility. One thing we know is that RV and boat owners want to know that their possessions are safely and securely stored. Unfortunately, even the most secure sites can experience break-ins. The good news is that with the advance of technology it is now easier than ever to enhance site security.

At RV Storage Vancouver our clients will be able to count on security fencing, controlled gate access and security cameras. One additional feature we are planning on incorporating into our overall security system is drone video surveillance.

We are currently working with HLK Vision Drone Services, out of Ridgefield WA, to develop a drone video surveillance program for our facility. And we are excited at the thought of having one of the most secured RV storage facilities in all of Vancouver, WA.

The next level of security would be complete autonomous drone surveillance synced with motion sensing devices. Sunflower Labs offers just such product. That’s not in the cards for us yet, but it is nice to dream big.