Affordable Options For Boat Storage In Vancouver WA

JC | October 16, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Finding affordable options for boat storage in Vancouver WA and surrounding areas can be challenging. That’s not surprising given that the Northwest has some beautiful rivers and lakes, and some of the best fishing in the US.

Unfortunately boats can take up a lot of space to store and most owners don’t have that space at home. Additionally, many cities and neighborhood associations don’t allow home owners to store their boats at home.

The good news is that with some research you are still able to find affordable boat storage in Vancouver.

What is the cheapest way to store a boat?

The cheapest way to store a boat is to use outdoor storage, but let’s go over all the alternatives. Obviously the best of scenarios is to store your boat at home. However, if you are reading this that’s probably not an option for you. A similar alternative is to pay a neighbor that may have extra space to store your boat at their place. One of the problems with this option is the potential lack of security. Another risk with this option is the liabilities that may arise to you and/or to the neighbor from unforeseen circumstances.

A better option, is to store your boat at a permitted boat storage facility near you. When it comes to boat storage facilities you’ll be looking for one that offers affordable, convenient and secure boat storage. In an ideal situation you’ll want covered or enclosed boat storage. However, finding this type of boat storage in Vancouver, WA at affordable prices is nearly impossible.

A few boat storage facilities in Vancouver offer outdoor or open storage at much cheaper prices than covered or enclosed boat storage. Some of the cheaper facilities may not have the best security. If a facility doesn’t have a security fence and security cameras, then you may be better off looking elsewhere.


Is it okay to store your boat outside? And how should boats be stored?

Yes, it is okay to store your boat outside. However, when doing so it is highly recommended to fully winterize your boat to avoid damage during the winter months. Winterizing your boat is important whether you store your boat at an open storage facility or covered storage facility.

Another consideration when storing your boat, even in indoor situations, is to cover it during storage. When covering your boat and storing outside it is important to ensure the tarp, or cover, is tight so that water won’t pond on the cover when it rains. If water begins ponding, then it can cause the tarp to become loose and ponding issues to get worse.

If storing the boat outdoors it is also essential to firmly secure the cover or tarp to prevent it from blowing off during windy conditions.

As for how should boats be stored: when storing your boat outside it is important to check it every so often, especially after weather events such as heavy rain, snow, heavy winds, etc. Check on the boat cover and ensure boat tie-downs are tight and secure.

How much does it cost to store a boat in Vancouver?

Affordable boat storage in Vancouver WA can range from about $99 per month to $150 per month, depending on the type of facility. A facility conveniently located near you may be more expensive if you are in the city than if you are in a rural area.

The cheapest outdoor boat storage facilities have dirt or gravel surfacing and may not have delineated nor assigned spaces. Higher end facilities will have asphalt surfacing and assigned spaces. Regardless of which facility you chose, you’ll want to make sure that you are comfortable with the level of security the facility offers.

Below are some of the lowest boat storage prices for the Vancouver, WA area for facilities that provide asphalt surfacing and secured storage. Prices will vary depending on the width of the space and ease of in and out access. Pull-thru spaces are generally more expensive.

Boat size 20 foot to 22 foot: $99 per Month to $115 per Month

Boat size 25 foot: $109/Month to $123 per Month

Boat size 30 foot: $125 per Month

Boat size 33 foot: $130 per Month

Boat size 35 foot: $140 per Month

Boat size 40 foot and up: $150 per Month and up

How big of a storage unit do I need for a boat?

When backing in or out of a space you’ll want a storage space that is sufficiently wide and you’ll want ample driveway space to maneuver the boat into position. Below are some recommended boat storage space sizes assuming the facility provides sufficiently wide driveways for maneuvering.

When measuring your boat make sure to include the length of the tow hitch.             

Boat length 8 feet to 15 feet: 15' to 10' long by 10' wide

Boat length 15 feet to 25 feet: 25' to 30' long by 12' wide

Boat length 25 feet and up: 30' and up by 12' wide

Find Boat Storage Near You

Finding the right boat storage facility near you begins with a simple google search. Unfortunately, most boat storage facilities in Vancouver don’t provide all the information you need online.

A good place to start is our Best RV Storage Facilities in the Vancouver Area article. This will help you determine which facilities offer open storage. This alone may save you some time in finding the right facility for you.

At RV Storage Vancouver we have a new facility that offers affordable, convenient and secure boat storage In Vancouver WA.