Affordable and Secure Long Term Vehicle Parking in Vancouver WA

JC | August 19, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Long term vehicle parking doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s right, vehicle storage can be affordable affordable, convenient and secure. In fact, that’s the motto of our new facility, RV Storage Vancouver. Our aim to provide you with a an affordable space to park your car, van, truck, etc

How Much Is Long Term Vehicle Parking In Vancouver?

Long term vehicle parking in Vancouver, WA can range anywhere from $58 per month for a gravel parking lot at someone’s house to well over $1,000 per month for enclosed parking at a mancave. Chances are that if you are looking for long term parking you want something affordable, yet convenient and secure.

At RV Storage Vancouver we will offer 10×20 spaces that can be used for long term vehicle parking starting at competitive prices. Our facility will provide outdoor vehicle storage, exclusively. This allows us to provide the most competitive prices in town.

Most importantly, our facility will provide high security fencing, video and drone surveillance, and controlled access.

Where Can I Park My Car in Vancouver Long Term?

RV Storage Vancouver will be located just North of the Clark County Fairgrounds exit. Our amazing location, along I-5 provides for convenient access to from Portland, Vancouver, Ridgefield, Salmon Creek, Battle Ground, La Center, etc.

When looking for where to park your vehicle long term you could try to go really cheap by using a peer-to-peer provider like However, the list of things that could go wrong when parking your vehicle parked at a neighbor’s property can be quite long. In addition, by the time you account for service fees and other addons, you’ll be paying more than originally intended.

A better option for long term vehicle storage is to store your vehicle at a permitted facility with proper security fencing, surveillance cameras, secured access, etc. Most RV and boat storage facilities in the area also provide vehicle storage. However, these are usually full or close to full and can be very expensive. That’s where we come in. Our new facility will have plenty of space and will offer very competitive prices.